A slippery slope


Or “The beginning of the beginning”

Or “There, but not necessarily back again”

On the first of June 2014, I became custodian to His Most Eminent Furriness, Mr Hooligan Schmooligan Esq. A rather gorgeous and beautiful Angora Cinnamon ferret (of whom you will see copious photographs, because he is the Apple Of My Eye, my Number One Man and the most photogenic of all ferrets ever, FACT).

Buuuut enough about him.

On the first of February 2015 I then became the surrogate mother of Chili and Pepper; twin albino brothers who are completely bonkers, clearly sharing only one brain cell between them, (albeit that on time-share with all other ‘bino boys every where in the world)

After the first few weeks of settling in and the inevitable chaos of two albino teenagers, I became familiar with their personalities and exploits. It became clear that Pepper had a voice which needed to be heard, if for no other reason that to try to free himself from captivity with a stupid, spoilt and fluffed up Angora Cinnamon (Bun) inaccurately named Hooligan.

“It was bromance at first dook…”

Pepper Ferret Esq,
“Reliving the Early Years Vol.1: The Cinnamon Bun”
2015 (p625)

To celebrate 5 years of the original Condiment Crew (Hooley, Chili and Pepper) the following weeks I will republish some of Pepper’s original blogs, as well as publish blogs using notes from his diaries of that time, to bring everyone up to date with five years of terrorizing the NFS*.

*Non-Ferret Species

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Chili Gets Stitched Up

Day 125 in the Big Hooman Household, and I want to go back to live with Auntie Gillian. The big stupid poofy fluff bomb I was my bezza has just TOTALLY stitched me up…

The Fereat Escape

Sorry I couldn’t write last week but the hooman I shall henceforth called The Dude had a touch of what the other hooman called “the cuttlefish”, or it might have been “squids”. One of the two. Can’t remember which.

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