Chili and Pepper ‘Do’ Big Brother…


Day 24 in the big human household, and things are finally starting to look up. Furry angora Doogal is now pretty chilled, and still very useful as a bed. Chili has taken particularly well to the floofball and I share his sentiments that sleeping on top of this cinnamon (fluff-) bun is very comfortable indeed. The hooman has added another hammock so we have plenty of sleeping areas to choose from, although obviously once Doogal has chosen a bed we are obliged to follow suit if we stand any chance of having a comfortable snooze.

Today the hoooman opened our cell for longer and we were able to run complete riot all over the world. I even managed to chase the big tabby oaf thing, although it keeps lifting into the air and then disappearing in some weird Monkey Magic way.

The other larger ball of fur – like the tabby monster but more ‘Tinge O Ginge”, seemed not to like getting its paws dirty by being seen too close to me or Chili. I think it may be a touch of jealousy over our incredible ruby-red eye colour, but it may be a touch of albino-ism too. (NB. Chili suggested we ring the RSPCA over this possible racism, until I reminded the cretin that we can’t use touchscreen technology)

Anyhow Chili would like to write something now so I shall bid you adieu.

Two albino ferrets reaching up to stare into the camera at close range
“I’m the straight one, he’s the funny one…”

So yeah it’s meeeee Chiliiiii!!!! So, so right, so I was sooooooo dead good today in that I only pooed once where it wasn’t on a white square or (near/over the edge of) a big rectangular plastic box. The big hoooman thing even gave me some acey pace WD oil afterwards!!!!!! I’m gonna poo more often, man!!!!! That stuff’s ace!!!

Anyhow yeah so I managed to read a couple of the hoomans paper stacks that were on various surfaces, ever helpful me, but I did have to push them onto the floor first. I also pushed a few ornaments off some shelves to help with the dusting (didn’t even break, very disappointed was looking forward to a good crashing sound), but this was ok because I rearranged the bedroom place and loads of stuff crashed around. It was ACE!!!!

We spent loads of time in the big pen with balls, and crashy cardboard and tunnels and scrunchy stuff and I chased Pepper and the big fluffball round loads!!! Me and the fluffball are kinda BFFs now, but mainly coz Pepper thinks he’s better than us (he’s not) but it’s all cool and he does come and play with us when he’s not fixated by those blinkin’ green balls of his. Well, not his, coz that would be like, weird, you know, but the green balls from the playpen thingy that he likes to chase around for hours (coz he’s a bit simple unlike me and the cinnamon bun).

Soz would love to write more but hooman just found me typing and is screaming sommat about my claws scratching her Mac. Yeah. Whatever. yada yada yada. Gotta go… snooze time!! Pepper says ‘Ciao’ and the Doogal thing says… err nothing coz he’s snoring.

Laters potaters!!!!

Love from Chili

*and Pepper

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  1. Jane

    Such an exciting day and, your Hooman told me that you slept such a lot, I think she is telling fiblets 😁😁😁

    1. Hannah Wiggins

      Hooman would never tell fiblets. Just Huge stonking LIES!!!!!!!!

      Like that we would be happy here.

      Get Me Out Of Here!!

      Pepper. x

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