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Welcome to December at Blue Ferret Boarding. This month we’ll be talking all about BFB, who we are, what we do and why we do it. Let’s get started.

Blue Ferret Boarding started in October, 2018 when we realised there was a need for ferret boarding in the area. Since that time we have gone from strength to strength and we have ferrets from all over the country, and from America, boarding with us. It’s been an incredible journey of just over five years.

Once we’d started the boarding and it was up and running, I realised that there isn’t really anywhere selling products for ferrets. As a ferret owner myself I had struggled to find products I wanted to buy for my fuzzies. There was certainly nobody producing the oil that had been produced in the northeast before that.

WD Grooming Oil for Ferrets

So I took over the production of this ferret grooming oil, which we call WD oil or war dance oil. This recipe was produced by a scientist. It’s been checked and given the all-clear by a very well-known veterinarian. But more importantly, for us to be able to produce anything like this that has any animal by-product in it, you need to have a license through DEFRA to be using that animal by-product and selling it commercially.

We also have a license through the Animal health and Welfare Department within the county council to be producing such an oil and selling it, especially when I’m producing it in my home. There are also then the legalities of making sure that everything on this label is what should be on there from a legal point of view, including the best before date.

So, I’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that my oil is absolutely 300% above board. I am licensed, the local authority know about me and I make sure that all of my labelling is how it should be so you get all the information you need to know about for this oil. So I am super, super proud of this oil and we sell it all over.

We have it in the big 500ml bottle (which is made from recycled plastic – another cause close to my heart. All the ink that I use is vegetable dye and I use recycled, forest accredited card and paper for all our cards and postcards.)

On the back we have all the composition details and everything you need to know about the oil so you’re fully aware of what this oil contains to ensure it’s safe and healthy for your ferrets.

We also have a slightly smaller 250ml bottle – handy for if you only have one ferret. All the bottles come with this lovely top which just winds up so you don’t lose it. The ferrets can either lick it off the lid or you can squeeze it onto something. I offer people replacements, because they’ll quite often order the large bottles and have a smaller bottle to decant the oil into. And so I try and give these tops as a replacement if I can as well. I usually have more of these available for when your ferret’s chewed through it entirely.

Mail Order Grooming Oil for Ferrets

We also have a 300ml bottle which has a slightly narrower top. The really important thing about this is that it’s super narrow. Sadly it’s not narrow enough that I can send it as a large letter. I do still have to send this as a small package. But it does mean that it goes through your letterbox, which means that if you order it by post and you want this to be posted to you, this will fit through your letterbox.

And then finally, this is our tiny, teeny 50ml bottle. This is great for a first aid kit, for travel to keep in your car, to keep in your travel pack, whatever you need to do. And these are fantastic as a stocking filler.

This stuff is great, super safe, brilliant for ferrets. It’s a wonderful grooming oil and it’s good for all of their bones, their fur and they love it. So let us know if you use it, if you like it (not you personally, but your ferrets!).

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