About us

Or… Welcome to the madhouse…


We are Kyle and Hannah and we live near Crook, Co Durham, with our menagerie of animals! This was the home of Hooligan (DIP) and his entourage, the Chepper Twins (DIP), Nibbler (DIP) and Mini Moo (aka The Dowager Duchess of Ferretville) (DIP),

It is still the home of Little Red, Crash Bang, Xeno, Spooks, Marcus, Sid, Snaffles…  [take a breath in now]. …Barry, Archer, Roger,  Lilcato and Avacato.

There are also two NFS (Non-Ferret Species) who live with us, Yoola and Biscuit, our two lovely daft cats.

Born in Australia, but living in the UK for many years now, Kyle was first introduced to ferret life when he met Hannah in early 2017… and he hasn’t looked back since! A staunch Northumbrian, Hannah has had ferrets since 2014, and has worked with North East Ferret Trust (formerly a rescue) for several years.

We set up Blue Ferret Boarding late in 2018 when we realised there was a need for a boarding establishment specifically designed and run for ferrets, by ferret owners. Blue Ferret Boarding gives an option for all those parents who would like to take a break from the day to day, but want their babies to have a break too! Our goal is to give your fuzzies a home away from home, where they are exercised, well-fed and kept comfortable throughout their stay: Blue Ferret Boarding is THE staycation for ferrets!

Please get in touch if we can help further,

Kyle and Hannah xx


Kyle with Crash-Bang Bandicoot, the apple of his eye…

Meet the Family

Xeno (aka Bitey Beast)

Like his adopted brother Crash Bang, he’s a poley. He’s a bit of a bad boy with a record. Two counts of GBH* and a homicide but with a lot of work which includes love, assurances and social interactions he’s more interested in long walks in the park and cuddling on the sofa at night than eating a hamster and biting his previous owner.
*Grievous Bodily Harm

Lil Red (aka Mighty Beast)

The Arnold Schwarzenegger of midgets. He starts his daily routine off with a light snack of kibble followed by reps of bench pressing the litter trays. Sometimes he has his bigger brothers add more weight by standing in said trays. This is followed by some light cardio in the yard along with some mixed martial arts training. (He’s a master of the whispering fang technique). Also known as ‘The Radio Ham’ by his most hard core fan base, and as a ‘Pokemon’ by his family as he is the original ‘Pocket Monster’

Crash Bang (aka Gorgeous Beast)

A proud member of the Beast squad. Sweet-natured and a true passive. He has anxiety issues and an emo personality. I know, he’s complicated! He’s always up for a good play-fight with his brothers. He’s yet to master the art of stashing. His favourite type of kibble is floor kibble.
Crash Bang is the poster boy for us here at Blue Ferret!

Sid 'The Squid'

Sid ‘The Squid’ spent time undercover as a squid but now he’s a deep-cover operative as a ferret (so deep undercover he is usually to be found at the bottom of the bedding curled up) Just don’t try to shake his right paw! He has the softest fur in the entire universe and he has a thing for toes. Mainly trying to fit them inside his mouth.

Snaffle Falafel

Snaffle like Sid, is a soft lump, but with slightly less soft fur, no undercover work and not a cephalopod in sight. But other than they could be twins… Snaffles is a soft clart always up for a snuggle, and always ready to hit you up for a song…

Spooks (the Chungus amongus)

Spooks is our resident polar bear in size not in temper! He loves to stash people and loves to play, but as a Bino he really does just have elevator music on loop going on in his head! He is now been integrated into the fourth and final part of the core four!


Archer is the second half of the Barry and Archer duo although if you ask him he’ll say he is the first half of the Archer and Barry duo. He loves tickles and belly rubs and is often found curled up with his bro Barry. When this happens you don’t know which is which as they are pretty identical except Archer doesn’t have the attitude!!

Marcus 'marticus sparticus aurelius maximus'

Marcus ‘Marticus Sparticus Aurelius Maximus’ always looks good in a tux, and must have been coached in how to work it for the camera as he always has the right pose!!! He’s another total cuddle bug (spot a theme?) and he’s not at all stingy with the kisses!!
Marcus always love to snuggle up with you on a cold night.


Barry is into climbing and biting but he’ll give the occasional kiss and he has recently discovered stashing. By this we mean trying to stash YOU! He’s a definitely a poley with attitude!

Blue Ferret Boarding Ferret standing on a pipe outside

Little cato

Little Cato is the wee mouse of the group but as brave and fearless as a lion and always up for anything. In fact he is often the instigator of any trouble, sorry adventures.

He started out as a black eyed white, like his big bro Avocato but after his latest moult he is starting to show sandy colours around his legs and tail… He may only be one third the size of Avocato but he surely is the brains of any operation. 

He has plans for world domination and for a fluffy white cat to sit on his lap as he schemes…

Blue Ferret Boarding Ferret in girl's arms


Avocato is one half of the Cato boys, though based on his size it may be more accurate to call him two thirds of the Cato group (although he only received one quarter of the thinking muscle). He’s a black eyed white , but has all the characteristics of an albino. ie he’s a complete and utter space-cadet.

Always up for mischief and fun (although preferably more of the former and less of the latter) he is in many ways like Spooks… and we have plans to keep those two WELL apart, unless we want to come home to a bombsite!!!!

Blue Ferret Boarding Ferret looking up out of a laundry basket

Roger The dodger

Roger the Dodger is the newest addition to the Cato group and clearly not a true Cato (otherwise he would be called Roger Cato right?). Our Artful Dodger is not new to Blue Ferret Boarding, but had lived on his own for a long time until we decided he would probably benefit from some the Cato’s schemes and adventures. When getting time out from the Cato ‘twins’ he can be found hanging out with his best mate Rocky the Raccoon. It’s a kind of Calvin and Hobbes situation. He’s a Poley with a thing for puzzles, often to be seen eyeing up the next escape route and would have made a fantastic Krypton Factor champion.

Dook In Peace

Hooley (aka Kiefer 'cos he loved to flatline)

The Angora Cinnamon sounds like something you’d get from a fancy, overpriced coffee shop! It’s soft light brown texture topped with a cocoa coated cream coiffure would be served in a triple extra large mug. It’d be called the Hooley (aka Kiefer ‘cos he loved to flatline). His favourite hobby was checking how many followers he had on instagram, closely followed by signing autographs to be sent to his fan club. He loved a good snooze or cuddle but he was always up for a good Harry (Potter) and he was the master of the truffle shuffle. He was seriously well travelled, had stayed at hotels (proper human ones) and attended various conferences, courses and meetings usually stealing the show as he had a potter during coffee or lunch breaks. With a fan base that Disney can only dream about, he really was the real deal.

Chilly (aka the Racing Snake and Grumpy Beast's twin)

He shared the mantle of leadership with his bro allowing or revoking membership into their exclusive club. He had mastered the art of the Dad joke. When anyone would ask him his name he would reply, “I’m chilly.” They in turn would respond, “Then you should put a jumper on,” then go back to asking his name. He was also an expert in the art of escaping, with his posture and stance, a true ninja at heart.

Nibbler (a short wheelbase beano)

In terms of both appearance and attitude. An angry tornado of white fluff. He was the wolverine personified. Yes, he was bitey (hence the name, Nibbler) but he got along with our passives. He was just a little boy who wanted to play. His partner in crime was Lil Red. Red used to chase Nibs into the living room and ride him like a cowboy rides a bucking bull.

Pepper (aka Great Uncle Peps, aka Grumpy Beast)

As a beano and one half of a twin, he was our Nick Fury. He even had a cool back story as to how his eye was damaged. (Peps looks around the room, leans in close, flips up eye patch and in a calm, dark, gruff voice says, “The last time I chased after a pussy cat, this happened!”) He had an enlarged spleen which didn’t ever slow him down. He also had his own blog where he chronicled his many adventures and exploits with his bro; “The Bakery Item, The Tabby Oaf and the Tinge of Ginge,” all told from his unique perspective, a bino’s point of view.


Mini-moo (aka The Coming Apocalypse)

Mini-moo (aka The Coming Apocalypse), Or as we put it, “our darling little princess”. Being a partially blind bino, she navigated the world with an air of confidence. The respect she received is akin to that of an evil dictator, not a benevolent benefactor. Oh, and she stashed kibble like you’ve never seen before, her jowls fit to bursting (aka Squirrel Cheeks) and she had more than just a mild rubber fetish which seems to incorporate silicon too – including one of mum’s silicon bread pans!!! :-/

Get in touch with us

We love getting mail, and you don’t have to own a ferret to get in touch! If you want to learn more about us or arrange a visit to see our facilities just drop us a line!