Adopting a ferret from a rescue centre


This week we’re talking about adopting a ferret from a rescue centre.

There are so many reasons why ferrets come into rescue centres. They could have been pets that are no longer wanted or could have been bred and no one wanted to buy them. So many ferrets arrive at rescue centres with serious psychological scars.

They then need care, socialisation and attention to become normal, loving animals again.

Why get your ferret from a rescue centre?

Here at BFB we are passionate about adopting rather than buying ferrets. Because they’re already here and they need homes. You have to pay a rehoming fee to adopt a ferret but you get a lot for that fee.

Ferrets that come into rescue centres are neutered, vaccinated against canine distemper and microchipped ready to be adopted by their loving, forever families. Just there, you’ve already saved around £100 over buying a ferret from a breeder.

Your ferret will have been vetted to make a great match to you. And you will have been vetted too, to make sure your home situation is suitable to home a ferret.

Ferrets have personalities just like other pets, so a rescue centre will help you find a fuzzy that will suit your needs, your home and your family.

You’ll also have the follow up support of the rescue centre to get advice, tips and knowledge from.

Find out more by watching this week’s video:

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