Adopting a ferret – individual adoption


Finally in this month’s adopting a ferret theme we’ll be talking about individual adoption.

This happens when someone finds a ferret and hands it on to you to look after. In these cases, it’s really important to check whether the found ferret has a microchip – it might be that they’ve wandered off from a very happy, loving home, in which case the best course of action is to return them!

What to do if you find a ferret

Check the rescuer has made every attempt (on social media or asking around the local area) to find the owner of the found ferret before moving on to the next option. That ferret’s family could well be missing them badly. And just like finding keys or a purse, take steps to verify the ‘owner’ is who they say they are by getting them to prove their ownership before taking the ferret away.

If the ferret is definitely homeless, the next step is to check whether it’s been neutered. If it hasn’t, are you prepared to accept the costs of doing so?

We talked about the importance of neutering ferrets in our earlier ferrets and reproduction series of blogs.

Get the little fuzzy checked out to make sure of a handful of things. That, if it’s a jill, she’s not already carrying a litter of kits. And that, for all ferrets, there are no other underlying health issues that could cause issues down the line.

Is the ferret you’re about to adopt happy around people? Is it bitey? Is it happy playing around your feet and being handled? If not, it might be best to seek help from your local rescue centre where there will be people to help with such things.

Ready to adopt a ferret?

So, your neighbour found that ferret and you’re considering rehoming it. If, after all the above checks, you’re considering taking the little critter in, make sure you’re going in with your eyes open.

If you feel unprepared for that particular ferret, please take it to your local ferret rescue. Be responsible, make informed choices, join a knowledgeable ferret community and have fun!

For more information about adopting a ferret, check out this week’s video:

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