Adopting ferrets – breeders versus rescue centres


This month we’re talking about breeding vs adoption of ferrets. We will be going into great depth about the pros and cons of both sides.

When you buy from a breeder, you’re buying a ferret that has been bred – sounds obvious, but let me explain further.

There are some stark differences between breeders when it comes to buying ferrets. There will be differences in the ferrets that you get from a reputable breeder versus a backyard breeder – so beware.

If you get a ferret from a reputable rescue centre, you’ll know you’re getting a ferret that’s been handled, vaccinated and prepared for life with you. If you’re a first time ferret owner, a rescue centre will provide an ideal, bomb-proof, first ferret. Responsible breeders will make the same provision.

Breeders – responsible versus backyard

Sadly, not all breeders are responsible and it’s vital to be aware of the issues you might face if you buy a ferret from a breeder. If you would like a specific breed, colour or size of ferret, a breeder will be more able to provide a ferret to your exacting specifications than would the rescue centre.

If you are going to a breeder, please make sure they’re reputable. Make sure the ferret you’re thinking of buying has been handled and the breeder can tell you information about that ferret’s heritage and upbringing. For first time farents we really would recommend adopting a rescue instead of buying from a breeder.

Ferret rescue centres

Little Paws Ferret Rescue in Sunderland is our local rescue centre. They frequently have around 60 ferrets in the rescue centre, a further 60 in foster homes and several ferrets on the waiting list to come in to the rescue when they have space. And that’s the problem. There are too many ferrets in need of rescue at the moment.

When these gorgeous rescued fuzzies aren’t suitable for a home, they’re fostered to amazing volunteers who look after and socialise them. Some specialise in taking on bitey ferrets and teach them how to be amazing, loving, cuddly pets instead. We, at BFB, have tried to foster in the past but we couldn’t give our gorgeous ferrets back afterwards, which counts as a failed foster.

But other amazing foster carers spend hours feeding, handling, loving and socialising ferrets ready to be handed over to their forever home when one comes up.

So we implore you. Please consider adopting a ferret rather than buying from a breeder – there are so many out there without the home they deserve…

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