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Last week I talked a little bit about Blue Ferret Boarding as a business and showed you a little bit about WD oil that we sell. This week I just wanted to talk a little bit about more about some of the things that we sell in our shop. Have a look – it’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need for your ferret and we’re adding new things all the time.

Ferret hammocks

I make hammocks for ferrets – yes! The important thing for me and my hammocks is that they’re all made from recycled material. I don’t necessarily have a stock of these because of the nature of them but do enquire if you’d be interested.

Ferret toys

The other thing I wanted to show you are the safe toys we make and sell for ferrets. We do rope toys and little stash toys. Different ferrets like different things. All of our toys are made by me, by hand. I knot these and seal these all myself. And we also have what I call fish and a stick ball toys. As a result of being completely handmade, they’re better quality and they will last longer than perhaps those in the shops because I’m trying to make sure that everything is glued in, that this dowl is properly glued in and screwed in and that the bindings are glued in and bound in properly.

So these should really last you a good amount of time until your favourite chews through them. So all these little toys will be available – if you’re interested, drop us a message and we’ll let you know what’s available.

Gift cards

And finally, we also have cards.

From Dook in Peace, created by Kyle, to Christmas greeting cards, we’ve got all the ferrety cards you could possibly need!

So if there’s something you want and you can’t see it on our store, please get in touch with us. It’s likely that we’ve got it. I just haven’t got around to putting it up on the website yet.

Check out the video to go with this blog.

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