Blue Ferret Boarding: Harnesses


We’re talking all about the ferrety items we have listed in our shop at the moment – in case you need any more ideas for fertle Christmas presents!

Ferret Harnesses

So I wanted to talk about our harnesses. I hand-make all our harnesses at Blue Ferret Boarding, using crocheted cord which is very tightly wound. I knot that onto a keyring and glue it shut so it’s very secure.

Each harness has a little bell on it too, with a lobster clasp on the end. The reason I put the key ring on is so that if the lobster clasp falls apart at any point you should technically be able to thread on another lobster clasp and I’m happy to supply you with one if need be.

I believe in recycling and reusing, so I would rather this was made to last than needing to be thrown away and you get another one.

Similarly, the handle end is really good and tight. The only thing to remember with ferrets on leads is the reason I have a handle is so that it goes over your hand for extra security.

We have the matching harnesses. My harnesses are the standard figure of eight harnesses. Check out our video on how to put these on. And again, this is a good tight cord with toggle. It has the figure of eight forcing in the middle, and there’s a good tight knot, which is then being sealed off at the end. Again, I use the keyring and the toggle. So you attach that by a lobster clasp on the harness and you have yourself a harness and lead set.

So we sell these harness and lead sets on our website. If there’s a colour that you can’t find in one or the other, let me know. It’s possible that I’ve not got around to putting it on the website. As I say, we are just a small little business and we really appreciate your support.

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