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Ferret health

Ferret Health: First Aid Kits

This week we are having a little bit of a tour around our first aid kit, which is a bit of a mess and it isn’t really complete. But a lot of the stuff is here and I’ve also
got a mini first aid kit that I leave in the car all the time for when I’m out and about.

Ferret health

Ferret Health: Illnesses

This week we are talking about some of the more common illnesses
that affect ferrets and which can, sadly, shorten a ferret’s life. However, I need to put the caveat in that I am not a vet. Blue Ferret Boarding is not a vet. We talk about these illnesses for your general knowledge and understanding, not to diagnose your own ferret.

Ferret health

Ferret Health: First Aid

This month we’re looking at illnesses in ferrets. While we would never wish illness on our ferrets, it is important to be prepared and to know what to do in case your ferret becomes ill.

Ferret health

Ferret Health

This month we’re talking about all things ferret health-related. To start off with, this week’s video and blog are all about the ferret’s digestive system. Let’s jump in!

Responsible breeders vs irresponsible breeders
Adopting ferrets

Responsible vs irresponsible breeders

With so many ferret breeders out there, it is crucial to find one that acts responsibly and in the best interests of the animals they are breeding.

This is a very difficult topic to cover. At BFB we draw our own line in the sand about breeders and that’s what we’re going to share.

Adopting ferrets: breeders vs adoption
Ferret health

Adopting ferrets – breeders versus rescue centres

This month we’re talking about breeding vs adoption of ferrets. We will be going into great depth about the pros and cons of both sides.

When you buy from a breeder, you’re buying a ferret that has been bred – sounds obvious, but let me explain further.

Keeping ferrets: water bottles vs bowls
Ferret health

Keeping ferrets: Water bottles vs bowls

In this week’s blog we talk about keeping ferrets hydrated and the pros and cons of water bottles vs water bowls for keeping your furry ferrets happy, hydrated and raring to go. There is so much information to take in, so let’s make a start!