Ever wanted to know what the collective noun for ferrets is? It’s a business of ferrets. 

Fancy finding out what ferrets eat? They’re obligate carnivores so it’s meat ALL the way. 

Wondering what the little noise a ferret makes is called? It’s called dooking…

Ah man, we really must keep some of these ferrety facts for our talk. But don’t worry, there are loads more delicious titbits we can share with you during one of our educational and interactive ferret talks.

Scout troup sitting in a community hall watching a ferret on a lead
Two young Beavers (Scouts) meeand handling our ferrets.

Ferret talks / handling

With so many ferret questions in the world, we like to flatter ourselves that we know a fair amount about our squirmy friends. And we’d LOVE to come to your event, group, organisation to talk about all things ferret – if you’d let us?

We’ll bring some of our furry worms along and then proceed to delight, entertain and educate you on the world of ferrets

And here’s the small print (only it’s not small, so you can put your glasses away):

We charge a set fee per event – details on enquiry (coz each one’s different!)

Travel will be charged at 45p/mile and we’re fully insured and DBS checked for our events.

So just drop us a line and get yourselves some ferret fun lined up at your next event!

Get in touch with us

We love getting mail, and you don’t have to own a ferret to get in touch! If you want to learn more about us or arrange a visit to see our facilities just drop us a line!