Environmental Policy

Here at Blue Ferret Boarding we take our responsibility for the planet VERY seriously indeed. And to prove it, here’s our environmental policy:

  • Where we need to use puppy pads as part of our care of the fertles, we use either old newspaper or reusable / washable puppy pads where possible.
  • While all our ferret bedding is pre-washed using ferret safe chemicals to ensure the killing of all bacteria, we make our own washing gloop. This helps us avoid unwanted miles, packaging and harmful chemicals getting out into the world…
  • For our very own WD oil we always use recycled bottles as much as possible, and our base oil (Rape Seed) also means less food miles (well, oil miles!)
  • All BFB stationery, like our cards and poleyroids, are made from recycled or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved card stocks and printed using vegetable inks. We only use FSC approved wood pellet litter too. 
  • We always try to use local people for outsourcing wherever possible.
  • We use glass bottles for water rather than plastic and sterilise them in the dishwasher rather than using harsh chemicals.
  • For daily and deep cleaning of the cages we use an animal friendly mixture of chemicals to keep everything clean, healthy and free from cross contamination. All other surface cleaning and household cleaning is done without chemicals wherever we can. 
  • All of our hammocks are made from repurposed material.

In fact we split and recycle EVERYTHING we can – not just kerbside materials but everything else that it’s possible to recycle.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle – it’s a way of life around here.