Ferret behaviour


This week we’re talking about ferret behaviour. There is some terminology relating to ferrets, so we’ll have a quick look at that.

The War Dance

The first thing is the War Dance – the very behaviour our wonderful WD oil is named after. This is something ferrets do to invite you to play with them. It’s when ferrets hunker down and look up at you, ready to spring into action. Then they’ll wriggle backwards really quickly and generally bump into things – watch the video to see my amazing impression! 😂 They’re super, super excited!

The dook

They also ‘dook’ which might accompany the war dance. It’s a little sound they make when they’re happy and content. It’s such a lovely sound.

Vocally, ferrets will dook when they’re happy, they can hiss sometimes and they’ll scream if they’re in pain. Beyond that, they’re fairly quiet creatures.

The ferret hiss

The hiss means they’re uncomfortable, scared or threatened. It’s generally a negative sound – if you hear it, it generally means they’ve had enough of whatever you’re doing with them, but it can mean something worse than that, so just be aware. If they do hiss, maybe take them out of the situation they’re in. If it’s suitable, give them a bit of a cuddle to settle them down. If you’ve been cuddling and playing and they hiss, just stop what you’re doing.

The ferret scream

The screaming is a super horrible sound to hear. It means they’re in pain and really unhappy. The reasons could be numerous but include things like being hurt during playtime with another ferret. They’ll often poop themselves at the same time so in that situation, take them away from the other ferret. Comfort them if you can, if they aren’t too agitated.

They could also scream if they catch their leg in their cage or something similar.

Here comes the TMI part, but I feel it’s important to discuss it if you’re a ferret lover, so you’re prepared. Ferrets have a bone in their penis which has a hook on the end. That hook can occasionally get caught if they climb over something and they’ll pull to try and free themselves. If that happens, gently unhook them and soothe them until they feel better.

Other than that, ferrets are super affectionate. They just love being with you even if you aren’t cuddling them. Enjoy that affection!

I hope that’s been helpful!

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