Ferret colouring: Sandy and Angora


We’ve been looking at the rainbow of ferret colours this month to celebrate Pride Month. This week is the turn of Sandy and Angora.

Sandy ferrets

Sandy-coloured ferrets are sometimes referred to as biscuit or champagne. They are light brown, tan or beige in colour.

They have creamy undersides and their guard hairs are more of a tan colour.

There is some confusion between light polecats and dark sandys. There’s a fine line. But the only reason you’d need to worry if you were showing your ferrets at a professional show.

Angoran ferrets

Angoran ferrets a different kettle of fish!

They are a slightly different breed from usual. Their fur is much longer and super fluffy. They don’t have undercoats. They have one level of fluff which is really quite long – 2-3 inches long in places. You can often tell an angora as they also have a third lobe on their nose.

In character, they’re much more chilled and daft. They’re cuddle bugs and have different colourings to them. Our Hooligan was a cinnamon colouring but Angoras can be champagne, chocolate, cinnamon to name just a few…

As very desired animals, there are a great deal of breeders who specialise in Angora ferrets. And because of that, they have been bred to create different versions of the colourings. You can almost throw out the bog-standard colourings for Angora ferrets and start a new colour chart for them.

There are semi-Angora ferrets which have been bred from one Angora and one non-Angora. Hooligan was a full Angoran.

Patterns of ferrets vary a great deal from one ferret to the next. Some have blazes, some have panda patterns, bibs, harlequins… which all help their owners tell them apart. But these tend to have been bred into them.

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    Lovely stuff as always! When I was picking up Detective Inspector Shadow (CID) you mentioned your love for the famous Hooligan and it was great to see them in action! Beautiful doesn’t cover it! Thanks for the posts!

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