Ferret colourings: albino ferrets


As it’s Pride Month this month, we thought we’d explore the varied world of ferret colourings. This week is the turn of the Albino.

Here at BFB we call them Binos, Beanies or Beans. And they’re distinctive for a couple of reasons. Let’s start with their eyes.

Albinos: distinctive eyes

Lots of people are scared of albinos because of their red eyes. Yes, they do look a bit strange in comparison to the black eyes of other ferrets, but believe me, they’re not a sign of evil. Albinos simply don’t have any melanin in their bodies which would produce the colour for skin, hair and eyes.

Albino ferrets have red eyes because we can see through the retinas. Right through to the blood vessels at the back of the eye.

Whereas, with other species, it can be gene mutation that produces an albino every now and again, with ferrets, it is more predominant and there are plenty about. The eyes can be ruby red, pink or a rose quartz colour so if you see a white ferret with black eyes, they’re not albino, they’re just white.

Albinos: coat colouring

Albinos come in a range of light-coloured fur colourings. We have Sid, Snaffles, Red and Spooks who are all Albinos – you can tell from their eyes. But they’re all a slightly different colour of fur and eyes.

This is absolutely normal in the Albino world.

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