Ferret colourings: poley colouring


As Pride month falls in June, here in the UK, we’re talking about ferret colourings: a ferret rainbow.

There are many different colours of ferrets available and in this month’s blogs we’ll be chatting about the different colourings and markings you’re likely to see on ferrets in the UK.

Polecat or sable

One of the most commonly available colourings in a ferret is what we call polecat colouring, or poley colouring. In America they are called sable, which is a better name because the word polecat makes people think they are actual polecats. What we actually mean is that the colouring is similar to a polecat.

There are such things as ferrets that are bred between a polecat and a ferret – we don’t condone that kind of breeding here at BFB – and they’re generally known as EU ferrets. You have to be careful with them because they aren’t as domesticated as a straightforward ferret.

Light poleys

Within that category, there are light and dark poleys. Light poleys generally have pink noses and a light mask with brown or lighter eyes.

Their tummies are quite a light cream colour with darker guard hairs on the underside.

All four of their legs are often darker so they look a bit like they’ve been dipped into some paint and taken out again.

The main thing about any poley, whatever type of poley or sable it is, is the typical bandit mask. Many ferrets have this mask, which is why lots of ferrets get called Bandit!

Dark poleys

Dark poleys, or dark sable ferrets have dark noses and very black eyes. They may also have a much more defined mask.

Ferrets can actually change their colourings, and to an extent their markings, when they molt.

Later in this series of blogs we’ll look at other colourings and patterns of ferret coats so keep your eyes peeled for more blogs. If you’d like to receive these blogs straight into your inbox, sign up for our monthly newsletter?

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