Ferret colourings: silvers


In our over-the-rainbow look at ferret colours this month, it’s time to consider silvers. These can also be called black-eyed whites.

If you saw our post last week on Albinos, you’ll know that most have red eyes, which is how you can tell they’re albino.

Silver ferrets

If a white ferret has black guard hairs beneath their white fur, they are known as silver because those guard hairs give the appearance of being silver. If there are no black hairs and a ferret has black eyes and a black nose, they might be called a black-eyed white or simply white.

We once had a ferret staying with us, called Bean, who had really black eyes, unlike most of our boys who have dark brown eyes. Her nose was jet black too which makes her absolutely stunning.

Silvers and black-eyed whites can have pink noses too, but it’s the black eyes and white fur that characterises them.

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