Ferret food: Raw food


As picnic month continues, we continue our education around ferret food – this week is the turn of raw food.

At the risk of repeating myself, ferrets are obligate carnivores – they only eat meat and that is super important.

When it comes to raw food, there are so many important points to make. Hence this blog. Ferrets cannot eat anything with fruit, vegetables or grain in it. Neither should they eat anything with salt or sugar in it either.

Raw meat

For raw meat, we’re talking about unprocessed meat. The kind you’d pick up in the supermarket for your own tea. Here is a list of raw, unprocessed meat that is fine to feed your favourite fertles:

✔ Pork loin
✔ Minced pork
✔ Pork medallions
✔ Beef mince
✔ Beef steaks
✔ Turkey mince
✔ Turkey breast
✔ Turkey thigh
✔ Chicken thighs
✔ Chicken drumsticks
✔ Chicken breasts
✔ Heart, liver, kidney (limited amounts as they’re rich)
✔ Tuna – but make sure it’s in spring water

Steer clear of pork belly because of the ratio of meat to fat. However, if you just want to give your ferrets a little treat, give it with some chicken every now and again and it should be fine.

Fish for ferrets

In terms of fish, they are all great too. My ferrets are not bothered about fish so we stick mainly to meat, but our Moosey-Moo used to love salmon and prawns.

For fish, the key point is that it has to be unprocessed. Nothing with a sauce or flavour, nothing smoked – just pure, unadulterated, raw meat or fish. Fish fingers are great – a good size portion to easily defrost – but remember to take ALL of the breadcrumb off first!

Processed meats

Do not give them meatballs, bacon, ham, gammon, sausages, burgers, or any cured meat – they’ll all have been processed to some degree. Even supermarket-bought roast chicken can have been processed to a degree to help it brown on the outside. Make sure you check the labels for sugar and salt.

Dog food for ferrets

Some dog foods are great for ferrets. But there are plenty that aren’t OK for ferrets. Check on the labels to make sure the dog food you’re looking at doesn’t contain vegetables or grain before giving it to your ferts.

Eggs for ferrets

Eggs are great for ferrets, especially if they’re poorly because eggs contain a lot of water – great for rehydration. Raw egg is nutritious and fun for them – they’ll chase that shell all over the shop. But don’t give them too often as the yolks in particular are quite rich.

Let’s recap:

✔Only ever raw on the bone
✔Always check the packaging for additives
❌Never on the bone if it’s cooked
❌Never anything processed
❌Be careful with anything with sugar or salt added to it.

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