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This week we are having a little bit of a tour around our first aid kit, which is a bit of a mess and it isn’t really complete. But a lot of the stuff is here and I’ve also got a mini first aid kit that I leave in the car all the time for when I’m out and about.

So our first aid kit isn’t fully complete because some of it’s just in my kitchen cupboards, but there is a first aid kit in the car as well, which has the rest.

First up is Restoration. We use Hills Restorative Care AD with chicken. This is both for cats and dogs. And we always have this in. It’s just a pate that you can feed to poorly ferrets. We often feed it as it is, but sometimes we’ll water it down and sometimes we’ll put some of our own WD oil in it to help it be more palatable. Sometimes it will just be a boost that we’ll put into a much bigger mix if we make a soup or something similar for them, for a high nutritious meal.

Next is our wonderful WD oil. Travel bottles are good for your first aid kit. We use this for everything, from clipping nails to distracting them if we have to give pills, to taking them to the vets to distract them when the vets look at them. And everything else in between.

If they’re struggling and we need to wash their rear end for whatever reason, we might give them this. So one of us will be feeding a little bit of this while the other one’s washing them just to help them.

We keep a small tub to put small bits of food in. Depending on the size of the ferret, you might need something bigger than this. It’s useful for just mixing things in, putting syringes in.

So these here are the 10ml syringes. We have quite a few of these in and they are great for taking up a pureed food and feeding it to poorly ferrets. And if it’s through the night and I’m feeding through nigh I will prepare them in advance. And these are great because it means you can keep an eye on how much you’re feeding them.

We use a little brush. We rarely use this but it’s there if we do use it. this is more for shows, just to brush them just to make sure they’re lovely and fluffy for shows.

A flea comb. A flea comb is really good. The way to deal with fleas is to wash the ferret if you can and entirely dunk them under some luke warm water briefly. Because the flea should jump off them at that point because they don’t like water. So that’s one way.

Another way is to brush the comb through the ferret’s fur and then get a piece of wool or something white, and wipe the comb in between brushes. And what you are looking for is blood or dirt of anything like that in there, which comes from the fleas or from the eggs and that’s what you’re looking for. And if when you do that, there’s a little bit of blood after you’ve squeezed it, that’s indicative that there’s flea dirt and that’s what you’re looking for to tell you that there’s still fleas. Even if there’s no physical fleas on your ferret, that flea dirt is telling you that your ferret still needs treatment for fleas.

I always have skin disinfectant in there just so that wherever I am I can quickly clean my hands if I need to.

I’ve got two different sized tick removers. Don’t use anything but a proper tick remover. And the idea is that you hook it around the tick then you spin it round gently pulling it off and it should release itself. You don’t just pull. And the smaller one is literally for smaller ticks. And then I tend to just drop them into hot water.

Check out the video to go with this blog.

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