Ferret reproduction – is your jill ready to mate?


In the previous blog we talked about ferret reproduction, ferret hormones and how to tell whether your whole hob is ready to shire kits of his own. We also explored photoperiodism as a way of predicting when seasons might start.

This time it’s the turn of your jills. This blog explores the best ways to tell if your jill is in season and how she might behave.

How to tell if your jill is in season

As with a hob, a jill coming into season will develop a strong and distinct smell. This can be quite subtle at first, so it can be easier to take notice of what we at Blue Ferret Boarding like to refer to as her sugar puff.

We apologise for the graphic image we’ve used to demonstrate this, but it is important that ferret parents (or farents) recognise this as a sign that their jills are coming into season.

It is absolutely crucial that all in-season jills are brought out of season because it can be very dangerous for their health if they are left in season. They could even die.

When will my jill have her first season?

A jill is usually ready to reproduce at around eight-12 months old. Her sugar puff will be visible and she will start to smell different. This scent is not as strong as a hob might be but it will be different from usual.

She may try to stash objects or show signs of wanting to ‘mother’ you – it’s all part of the mothering instinct starting to kick in. Slight changes in her character and behaviour are great indicators that the season is about to start.

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Next time we’ll look at the act of reproduction for ferrets.

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