Ferret Reproduction – the act of rutting


This month we’re talking about ferret reproduction.

Last week we looked at Photoperiodism and the seasons’ effect on your fuzzies’ hormones.

This week we’re talking about the deed itself.

Ferret reproductive

Ferret reproduction, known as rutting, is unpleasant, rough, aggressive, primitive and pretty brutal. There are no flowers, no chocolates and definitely no Valentine’s cards.

When a Jill and a hob are left together to mate, the hob will grab the Jill by the back of the neck, quite hard. He will dig in his canine teeth and grip her very securely. He will then drag her to his designated mating place.


The mating itself can last, generally, at least two hours. During this time you should never attempt to separate the ferrets. This is because a hob has a bony, spikey tip on the end of his penis and that latches into the Jill. If we try to pull them apart at this point, it will cause more damage than it’s worth.

The hob may well take exception to any intervention at this point, causing injury to any humans too.

Avoiding ferret reproduction

As we mentioned, the act of ferret reproduction is rough and primal. Here at Blue Ferret Boarding we have a strong stance against non-professional ferret breeding. It’s a ruthless process and there are already too many unwanted kits in the world without adding to their number.

Please consider this before breeding your ferrets. There is lots of information on breeding ferrets here, and please read our other blogs on this subject, here.

To watch a video on this subject, from Blue Ferret Boarding, click here: https://youtu.be/0y-OrnAODQU

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