Ferret training: litter tray training


In this month’s series of videos and blogs we’re talking about training your ferret. This week, it’s the turn of litter tray training.

Here at BFB, we know the theory of training a Jedi Knight (squirmy worm). However, owing to time pressures and countless other excuses, our boys aren’t THE best at things like litter training… but they’re lovely, sociable beings and that’s the main thing.

Anyway, as theory understanders, we’re here to pass on the knowledge so that you can choose to ignore or embrace it!

Ferret training: Litter tray training

The easiest way to go about this is simply put your ferret in with a group of ferrets who already use the litter tray – yes, they’ll teach each other!

But we also know that’s not always possible.

Ferrets love to back up into corners, which is where they love to poop. In this case we start but putting a puppy pad or newspaper in a corner. Here’s a caveat. Don’t use newspaper if you’re going to use it as bedding too. Don’t use puppy pads in any other situation other than the litter training area.

Find the corners they love to use as a loo and put pads or newspaper in that corner. If you see them using that corner for poop, give them a treat. If you see them pooping ‘off piste’ try to grab them and move them to the pooping corner – they’ll soon learn.

Once they’ve got the hang of that, you can start placing the newspaper or puppy pad in a litter tray – it’s still the same material and they can still make the same association, but it’s in a litter tray now. You can slowly start adding the litter of your choice on top of the newspaper to get them used to that too.

If you’re still struggling to stop them pooping in that corner, place some of their old bedding in the same corner. They’ll smell themselves on that bedding and hopefully avoid pooping there in the future.

As with any mammal – fertle or hooman – this isn’t about punishment for what they do wrong, but rewarding and positive reinforcement for what they do right. This takes time.

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