Ferret training: socialisation


As May is Star Wars Month (May the fourth… geddit?), we are talking about training your very own furry Jedi warrior – your ferret. Yes, this week’s topic is Ferret training: socialisation.

So here we go. Let’s dive in and find out all about socialisation


For the subject of this blog, we’re using our little friend Xeno as the example.

He came to us as a ferret who loved to bite. He had bitten his owners, their child and he’d even eaten their hamster.

As an aside, my advice would be don’t keep a herbivore and a carnivore in the same house.

Xeno is such a lovely boy now. He simply hadn’t been given enough chance to run off his exuberance, to let him explore and play. He also hadn’t been handled enough. And by handling I mean:

Picking them up
Swinging gently in your arms

This all helps to get your ferret used to being handled. Then they come to realise that humans are not going to bite them or do anything nasty to them.

Playing with a ferret helps them to understand that they’re not going to get harmed by humans.

When he first came to us, he’d bite when we tried to put him back in his cage. We quickly realised that he’d panic when going back into his cage because he wasn’t sure when he would next get the chance to come out of his cage for more ferrety fun. Eventually, he realised he’d come out of his cage every single day for at least an hour and he calmed right down. He knew he would come out of his cage regularly and be allowed to bounce around outside and get rid of all his excess energy.

And that’s general socialisation.

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