Ferrets: Frequently Asked Questions


This week we’re talking about some of the main questions we get asked about ferrets. Let’s dive right in and get some answers rolling!

❓How long do they live?

Ferrets can live between 6-12 years. A huge bracket which is due to some of the diseases they are susceptible to. Once they reach around six years, they do start looking their age, but like us golden oldies, they can last for another few years into ferret old age. They’ll wind down, play less, eat less, lose some teeth and become a bit more grumpy. But they’ll be happy.

We’ve never managed to keep any of our ferrets past the age of seven or eight and that’s because of the inherent diseases they can suffer from.

❓ Why don’t they live longer?

They can be cancer machines. They typically suffer from two different types of cancer. The first is adrenal disease – cancer of the kidneys. This can be treated and managed but it does tend to shorten the lifespan of our gorgeous ferts 😢.

Lymphoma is another one, which is a cancer of the endocrine system. Again this can be treated with steroids but they won’t recover from it.

The other one is insulinoma. Like the others, this is treatable but will never be cured. It will shorten the lifespan of your squirmy worm.

Unfortunately all of my ferrets have been put to sleep for one reason or another. It’s a horrible choice to make but you always have to do what’s best for your ferret.

❓ Do they bite?

Yes they do.

They explore and learn with their mouths and, just like dogs and other animals, if they’re scared, they bite. A ferret that isn’t fed properly, is unhealthy, is unhappy, they may well bite. A health, happy, well socialised ferret is unlikely to bite.

❓ Can you have them around other pets?

You can, but be very careful. We have ours around two cats. Our cats are used to the ferrets and just get out of their way when they get close. Personally, I wouldn’t have them with dogs but I do know people who have the two together and let them mix. It’s a case by case basis for that one! 🐾

So there we go. Watch the video for more details and I hope you found it all useful.

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