blue ferret shop faqs

Blue Ferret Shop Frequently Asked Questions

That thing where you are in the shower pondering on the miracles of the world and it suddenly strikes you: 

“How will Blue Ferret package an item when I buy it???? “

Fear not!! The answer to that and many others besides can be found below!!! Thank us later!

PS Our Terms and Conditions might be what you’re looking for if it’s not below!

Take a look at our information page all about Ferret Vaccinations.

It’s really simple. Just head over to our shop, have a good browse around and find the item or items you’d like to buy. Click on each image to find out more information and add it or them to your basket.

Once you’ve put everything you’d like in your basket, click on the basket icon in the top right of the screen and you’ll be taken to start the checkout process. Check everything’s tickety-boo with your items then either pay with Google Pay or select ‘Proceed the Checkout’ if you’d prefer to pay another way.

You’ll be asked to fill in all your details including your card details. Once completed, click ‘Place Order’.

If you placed it, we’ll have received it. But just to be sure, check your email for our confirmation email. If you can’t see it, check your junk mail folder – we’ve been known to hang around in there from time to time.

If you can’t see it even then, and it’s been more than a day since you placed your order, feel free to contact us to check.

We’re only a small team so we’d ask you very politely (please and thank you) to be patient with our sales process. We aim to post out orders as soon as possible but during busy times (or when the fuzzies are demanding our entire attention) it can take a little longer.

We truly hope you won’t want to. But as long as it hasn’t been posted, it’s possible to cancel an order.  You’ll have to get in touch to cancel an order and we’ll do our very best to help.

We always hope that you’ll be completely happy with your purchase from Blue Ferret Boarding. But sometimes it happens that we need to return things, right? We totes understand that.

If you aren’t happy and need to return your item, we need you to do so within 30 days of your item being dispatched. We’ll refund your money to the same card you used to buy it with – simple.

If your item is faulty, there will be no quibbles at all. We’ll either refund or replace – your choice.

However, we can’t accept returns on items that have been opened or used, if they aren’t faulty – we hope you understand.

For a full run-down of our returns policy, click here.

The choice is yours. If you regularly buy stuff from us, it might be a good idea to save you time (and frustration) filling in your details every time.

But you totally don’t have to. You can check out as a guest too, so don’t worry.

Whichever way you choose, you’ll have to make sure we have all the details we need to dispatch your email safely and securely.

We’ll take the money from your account once your order is confirmed.

Totes! You can redeem your voucher when you come to pay for your order. On the secure checkout page, you’ll see a link to redeem a voucher code – that’s the place. Enter the code and, hey presto, your payment total will be reduced by the amount of your voucher. Magic.

Here at Blue Ferret Boarding we love a bit of eco-friendly living. That’s why we try to reduce waste at all times. We use as little packaging as possible and try to reuse existing packaging if it’s sound and safe.

We’d also ask you to reuse or recycle the packaging we send you, where possible. We’ve all got to do our bit – right?