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Yes, even the fertles deserve to laze around and dream of piña coladas on a beach somewhere… right?

Ok, well maybe not, but they love a comfy, hanging place to sleep, just as much as we hoomans do. So why not indulge them?

Here at BFB I (Hannah) hand-sew all kinds of lovely hammocks for our awesome little squirmies. I do this from donated or recycled fabric so no two hammocks are the same – amazing, right?

There will be slight imperfections – because I’m not a professional seamstress – but that just adds to the unique nature of these quirky little hammocks.

Search the hammocks on our site and pick the one you want. The photo will represent the very hammock you’re buying because I don’t order in rolls of fabric – I just use what’s available to cut down on waste.

Patchwork hammocks will be more expensive because they take longer to make – stands to reason, right?

And I can make them to measure if required because I’m that style of helpful!

The only part of each hammock that isn’t handmade or recycled are the clips. I do buy them from British sellers but they might have been bulk purchased from China before that. Truthfully, I’ve looked high and low for British manufactured plastic clips but I’m struggling – if you know of any please let me know!

In a nutshell, our hammocks are handmade and make use of excess, donated or recycled fabric because doing our bit for the planet is just our bag..

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