Keeping ferrets at a good temperature


If you’re keeping ferrets at home, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping them comfortable and healthy. This week’s blog explores why it is really important to keep ferrets at a good temperature.

Why temperature is important to ferrets

First things first. Ferrets can’t sweat

That means they’re unable to regulate their own body temperature. If they get too hot in the summer, they can’t simply pant like a dog to lower their temperature. That’s why we have to step in to help.

Ways to keep your ferret cool

One way to do that is to use a cool mat. Available in most pet stores, cool mats are made for animals and can be wrapped up in a towel or soft material to make them a bit more comfortable and avoid any scratching

Another way is to freeze a water bottle then wrap it in a pillow case. They can sleep next to it to keep them cool and the pillow case will avoid any licking or ice burns.

Also, think about shading your ferrets. If they’re outside, think about hanging a sheet outside their cage to keep the sun off them.

Keeping your ferrets warm

In the winter, it’s more about keeping your fertles dry. As we discussed in a previous video and blog, it is really important to ensure they don’t get wet due to man-made fibres retaining moisture.
When the weather takes a very cold turn, it might be worth thinking about insulating any outside hutches you might use:

📰 Use newspaper around their sleeping areas
👆 Lift their beds up off the floor
✔ Put towels around their sleeping areas with plenty to nest with

If you have just one ferret, it might be best to keep him or her indoors. If you have two or more fuzzies, they’ll manage better outdoors because they’ll nest and snuggle up together

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