Keeping ferrets: Bedding


If you are keeping ferrets at home, it’s helpful to know a little bit about hutches and bedding to make sure your fertles are comfortable, happy and warm. This blog covers the subject of bedding. Particularly important if you keep your ferret outside, it’s also helpful to know how to keep them comfortable in indoor hutches too.

Towels as ferret bedding

Old towels are perfect as bedding for ferrets because they are very absorbent. Ferrets breathe (thankfully) so if you have two or three ferrets together, there tends to be a lot of moisture in the atmosphere because they’re all breathing out warm air.

Towels will absorb that moisture, which is particularly important if you house your ferrets outside.

Man-made bedding

Man-made bedding is widely available in pet stores. Pet rugs are great because they’re easy to was and dry – ideal for keeping your ferrets clean and comfortable.

However, because they are man-made they don’t absorb water. This means if you have quite a few ferrets in a cage, all doing that breathing thing, that moisture will accumulate and sit. Too much moisture in the atmosphere can cause breathing problems for ferrets.

For outside ferrets, man-made bedding can freeze due to the moisture sitting on top of it. This can then lead to the ferrets getting and staying cold.

Nest area

We always make sure our ferrets have a nest area which can be separated off at night. The nest is darker than the rest of the hutch and is protected from wind and the worst of the cold.

Hammocks and day beds

During the day, our ferrets love to hang around in the rest of the hutch so we provide day beds or hammocks.

Our ferrets love just watching the world go by while kicking back in their hammock – some of them sleep in them at night but mainly this is their day bed.

General bedding titbits

Here at BFB we use a mixture of both towels and man-made bedding. We place an absorbent layer in the bottom of the cage and a man-made pet rug on the top. This allows our ferrets to bury down in the pet rug and get comfortable, but any moisture there is will be absorbed by the towel.

We try to wash the pet rugs every few days and leave the towels for a little bit longer.

In general, bedding for ferrets is more about keeping them dry than preventing them from getting cold. As long as they keep dry, they will generally keep warm of their own volition.

So, use absorbent bedding like towels or newspapers and make sure you change it regularly to keep it clean, dry and hygienic.

Check out our shop for our range of handmade hammocks too!

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