Keeping Ferrets: Indoor vs Outdoor hutches


Welcome to March – the month of March hares, madness, World Sleep Day and the start of spring (hopefully). This month we’re talking about keeping ferrets. From bedding and hutches to temperature and water bottles.

This week is the turn of indoor vs outdoor hutches. Here at BFB we have both kinds. They’re both awesome in their own ways but which one you plump for really depends on your space, your budget and your lifestyle. Let’s explore the benefits and drawbacks of both. Read on.

Outdoor hutches

Our outdoor hutches are homemade. They each have separate sleeping areas, are fully accessible for easy cleaning and have plenty of bedding, food, water and shelter. We use a washing up bowl as a ‘nest box’ and provide plenty of comfy bedding in there.

We have a hammock as a ‘day bed’ in the main area so the little beasts can watch the world go by too.

With ferrets, you don’t need to worry about them being too cold. but keeping them cool enough in the heat is more of a worry. We’ll cover that in another blog. But just as an example, we use an old sail to drape over the hutches when it’s cold and we use the same sail as a shade during the summer.

Probably the most important thing to consider with outdoor hutches is that, as much as anything, your ferret needs stimulation. If they live outside, as long as they have somewhere fun to play and lots of toys to play with, they’ll be happy as Larry. Whoever Larry is.

Indoor cages

At BFB we have Ferret Nation cages. These are, as the name suggests, specifically designed for ferrets – the name is a clue! However, we also have other cages that weren’t specifically designed for ferrets.

As with our outdoor hutches, we have a nest box in our indoor cages. There’s also a day bed in here but late at night or early in the morning, our fertles can be found hiding away in their next boxes.

With indoor cages, it’s easier to deal with cold weather as they aren’t affected by that. Cleaning in the middle of the night is easier if they’re indoors because you can have your lights on.

We provide a water bowl and a crock bowl for food to make it more difficult for them to knock them over.

So indoor versus outdoor. It really depends on what space you have available, what you can afford and what suits your lifestyle better. As long as your ferrets have a bed, water, food and some space to have fun in, you’re doing your very best for them.

Check out the video that accompanies this blog too!

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