Keeping ferrets: Water bottles vs bowls


In this week’s blog we talk about keeping ferrets hydrated and the pros and cons of water bottles vs water bowls for keeping your furry ferrets happy, hydrated and raring to go. There is so much information to take in, so let’s make a start!

Keeping ferrets: water bottles vs bowls

Let’s start by look at bottles for dispensing water. Keeping water in bottles is a cleaner (and dryer) option for most fertles. So let’s investigate the various options.

Keeping ferrets: Glass water bottles vs plastic water bottles

Glass water bottles are great. They’re more expensive than the plastic ones but we love them here at BFB. They last a lot longer but they’re so much easier to clean. They’ll go in the dishwasher for a good sterilisation and both parts of the bottle can be cleaned in the dishwasher – perfect for a deep clean.

Plastic water bottles are fine too. They’re lighter and less expensive but they aren’t as easy to recycle and they melt in the dishwasher – trust me, I’ve tried!

Angling your water bottle correctly

It’s really important to make sure the water bottle is angled correctly on the side of the cage. If the bottle is at the wrong angle, your ferret won’t be able to draw any water from it, which obviously is very dangerous for their health. A good way to check is if water drips onto your finger when you touch it to the end of the water bottle, the flow is working properly and your furry friends will be able to get water from it. If not, check the nozzle and adjust the angle until water flows properly.

Preventing frozen water bottles

This is particularly important if you keep your ferrets outside. There are two effective ways of preventing the water in your water bottles from freezing during the winter. The first is the plastic carrot that comes with most water bottles – this helps prevent the whole bottle freezing.

Edible glycerine is perhaps the most useful thing you can use, however. A drop or two in the water bottle when you know a hard frost is forecast will stop the water from freezing.

Water bowls for ferrets

Those with ferrets will understand why I say that water bowls and ferrets are often a soggy mixture. Ferrets love to play in water so a bowl may just be an invitation for them to get wet, cause puddles and waste all their drink water.

There are ways around the problem, such as using heavy ceramic bowls that they struggle to tip over. This stops them to a certain extent but they can still get in there and splash around!

A bowl within a bowl can prevent some of the spillages. Try placing a small ceramic bowl inside a larger bowl which will at least catch any spills.

The best solution we have found is the crock pots. They are the most expensive option but they’re a great way of securing food or water in the cage where it can’t be knocked over by marauding ferrets.

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