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Blue Ferret Boarding: Ferret content

Christmas has been and gone! How was it for you?

At Blue Ferret Boarding we’ve worked really hard to create content that helps you to live with, love and cherish your fertle friends. So I wanted to talk about in this last week of the year was how have you found this year for you and our Blue Ferret content?

I’ve tried to find topics that might interest you about ferrets, around ferrets as a topic and around mustelids. I’ve tried to keep it interesting and varied. I’ve done videos pretty much every week, and some of them have been sale videos, but on the whole I’ve tried to keep them informational for you.

For those more local to us, we’ve organised walks every month, where you literally have a ferret walk for ferret owners, but also for non ferret owners to come.

Into 2024

What would you like to see from us in 2024? Are there people who are local and you’d like a meetup? Are there people there who follow us but are distant and can’t get to anything local but would like to feel part of it? Or are you in a different country and you’d like to feel part of it? Would you like us to do something online where you can be involved? Would you like us to do something online that you watch and chat about in text? Let us know what you would like and we’ll do our darnedest to help facilitate that and get stuff and get content.

Above all, contact us and let’s chat all things ferret!