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Ferret Hammock | Pocket Style Bag | Reused Fabrics

So you like the look of my awesome ferret hammock for your squirms?

You aren’t alone!

This is a very special hammock – there are only two of these hammocks and they’re made from recycled material (’cause we love the planet).

It’s fully quilted for your little beings’ ultimate comfort… AND it has a gorgeous fluffy lining for added comfort and warmth.

Finished with strong denim straps sturdily attached to plastic clips, this really is the creme de la creme of ferret hammocks.

Each hammock measures 30cm x 35cm (not including the clips) which is about 12″ x 14″ in old money. Or 0.19 fathoms for those Sea Otters amongst us.

Go on, add it to your basket – once it’s gone, it’s gone 😁