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On 1st June 2021 the VOLUNTARY ferret register came into effect

New to Ferrets?

Dive into our series of ‘Shorts’ to learn everything you need to know about Carpet Sharks (aka Ferrets) from ‘What Do They Eat?‘, through ‘How Long Do They Live?‘, via ‘Do Ferrets Bite?

Need Advice on Ferrets?

 Well you’ve come to the right place! Take a gander at one of our longer videos for advice on ‘How to fit a Figure of 8 Harness’, ‘How to Give a Pill’ or even ‘How to Trim Claws’


The 60 Second Scoop

Or… Everything you ever wanted to know about ferrets but were too afraid to ask, answered in just under 60 seconds per question!
We are continually adding videos but if you have an unanswered question, please Contact Us to request a video answer!

What Do You Do If You Find A Ferret?

A 60s short video explaining the main four things you should consider when you find a ferret:
Food – raw meat is best
Water – just in a bowl should be fine
Shelter – a cat carrier with a warm blanket inside is perfect
MicrochipGet it to a vet to scan for a chip

How Long Do Ferrets Live?

A 60s short video explaining briefly how long you can expect a ferret to live.

(Spoiler alert: It can be up to 10 – 12 years!)

Starring the beautiful soul that was

Hooligan Schmooligan Esq

Apr 2012 – Mar 2020

DIP our darling old man.

Ferrets Love To Stash!!

Ever wondered where that second sock went?

How about the TV remote?

Your car keys?


Move over The Borrowers, it’s time to meet the original stashers…


Ferret Advice Videos

Our gallery of longer videos designed to help you with the more mundane and everyday challenges of being a ferret parent (ferent)

We are continually adding videos, but if you have an unanswered question, please CONTACT US to request a video answer!

Wrestling a Ferret into A Harness

An instructional video featuring a real live ferret (!) showing how to get a figure of eight harness onto a ferret.
Clear instructions combined with step by step demonstrations make this video the GO TO video whenever you are ready to resort to using the harness for macramé

One minute he was a kit bouncing around your house like a loon, then you blinked and he is an old man with a dicky ticker. 

Panic Ye Not, as Hannah shows you various ways of getting a pill down a willing, or unwilling ferret’s gullet, without choking him!

How To Clip A Ferret's Claws

Your brand new bathrobe now has loose and hanging threads all over, and your cuddle bugs are beginning to hang off you like fruit, even through they are trying to jump down at the same time…
Familiar? Then it’s waaaay past time you got the clippers out! 😉