War Dance Grooming Oil for Ferrets 50ml


As ferret-lovers, you’ll already know all about the benefits of grooming oil for your fuzzies – right?

But we’re so delighted to announce the launch of our own blend of WD oil that we’re going to tell you all about it anyway!

War Dance Oil

You know when your squirmies are the happiest they could be they do a little dance? Yep, that’s a ferret war dance. And that’s what our WD oil aims to make them do all the time – give them the chance to live their best lives in the fullest of health.

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War Dance Grooming Oil for Ferrets 50ml

The benefits of War Dance Grooming Oil for Ferrets

The Blue Ferret WD oil is a supplementary grooming oil for ferrets but only adult ferrets only so sorry kits, you’ll have to wait!

Made from salmon oil, our WD oil is an incredible supplement to give to your fuzzies to keep them healthy, happy and glowing from snout to tail.

As a result our little fuzzy friends LOVE the taste and it makes their coats all glossy into the bargain – win-win!

WD oil is fully licenced

We’ve worked tirelessly with the relevant authorities to get a licence to produce and sell WD oil throughout the UK and in Europe. We are super chuffed that we’ve ticked all the boxes and jumped through all the hoops to be completely above board!

Not least because you can be absolutely certain you’re giving your beloved ferrets the best oil there is to help them stay fit and healthy.

And our blend of WD oil was formulated by an amazing scientist, Sarah Marsh, to ensure the blend delivers everything your best fur balls need to break out their war dance moves.

Huge thanks

Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to late Gillian Betts (we miss you lovely lady) and Sarah Marsh for all the support and assistance to bring our WD grooming oil dream to reality.


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